About me…

When I close my eyes and sing praises to the Lord God my Heavenly Father, I imagine my voice is like an angel – ephemeral and glorious – and not the out of tune croaking  guttural  sound that comes out.

Greetings and Welcome to my Blog.   I started this blog to let my thoughts flow into words. It is phenomenological in nature as I rant about my personal journey with Christ, as I reflect and rave about life in general.

Sometimes poetic, at other times soulful, I find it easier to let my thoughts flow free form – it is a creative outlet for me 🙂

Who am I?

Well, I am a wife, mom, artist/writer, and educator.  I have studied well into my late 30s, with a B.A in Cultural Anthropology, a B.F.A. in Studio and Art Education, and a M.F.A in Art Education.  It sounds impressive, but really it’s not.  The more I think I know – I really know nothing!

I think too much.  I read too much.

I started this blog as my daily journal – praise, poems and prayer for my Savior Jesus…sometimes I am so overwhelmed by His presence in my life I want to shout and share the love of Him with others, but we live in such a secular world that telling others “I love Jesus” is not only politically incorrect, but many of those around me think I am a “Jesus freak”, or nut case.  I am not, I am just inspired and filled with God in me.  His presence in my life, has given me hope in our humanity.

I have a hard enough time sharing Him with my own family, that my exuberance for Christ is shrugged off by my own kids and husband as emotionalism.  All I can do is lead by example, and know that I can not change them, I can only change myself with God’s help.   I see daily the hands of God in my family life, as He awakens within them a light.  I see this light growing within them in the little things they do, from humming or singing a tune under their breathe – a song of praise from Sunday worship, or their sense of happy anticipation for Friday night Youth group at our local church.

Praise be to God!

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